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Norway , Wednesday 24 January 2018

News Norway » Ostfold: Telia leases fibre capacity from BKK and Broadnet to cut Telenor dependency

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Publication date: hursday 11 January 2018

Telia Norway has signed a fibre agreement with BKK Digitek in Bergen and Broadnet in Ostfold, according to an article on the portal The deal gives Telia better control of its own network and helps to pave the way for 5G, freeing Telia ...

News Norway » Ostfold: Timber-clad Østfold cabin embraces the Scandinavian coastline

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Publication date: onday 20 November 2017

Natural light and stunning coastal views fill the enviable Østfold cabin, a cedar-clad dwelling in southeastern Norway. Designed by Norwegian studio Lund+Slaatto Architects, the coast-hugging cabin is undoubtedly contemporary yet its pitched roof pays ...

News Norway » Ostfold: Radioactive leak at nuclear research reactor in Norway

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Publication date: onday 24 October 2016

A nuclear research reactor in Norway has sustained a leak ... killed by their mother The hall was evacuated after an alarm sounded in the Halden Reactor, in Ostfold at 1.45pm local time. The RPA said: ‘We will start an investigation relating to ...

News Norway » Ostfold: Train driver strike creates chaos in Norway

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Publication date: Saturday 08 October 2016

The ongoing train driver strike in Norway that started more than a week ago has spread further as 42 more train drivers joined the strike, newspaper VG reported on Saturday. On Friday at midnight all the trains at Ostfold railway line were cancelled and ...

News Norway » Ostfold: Nigeria: PTDF Offers Scholarship to 60 Nigerians to Study in Norway

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Publication date: Wednesday 08 January 2014

after which the young Nigerians will spend the remaining three years at the Ostfold University College, Fredrikstad, Norway. Speaking at the pre-departure orientation programme for the scholars in Abuja, PTDF Executive Secretary, Dr. Oluwole Oluleye ...

News Norway » Ostfold: Profile: Sparebank 1 Ostfold Akershus (SOAG.OL)

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Publication date: hursday 28 December 2017

Sparebank 1 Ostfold Akershus (the Bank), formerly Rygge-Vaaler Sparebank, is a Norway-based regional bank operating in the eastern and southern part of Norway. It offers banking products and services, as well as financial services to retail customers and ...

News Norway » Ostfold: Scand-America adds to Norway tours

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Publication date: Wednesday 29 December 1999

The Cultural Norway-East and West program has a focus on the traditions of Norway dating to 1030. The tour unfolds with sightseeing in Oslo; a canal cruise to Ostfold; sightseeing in Lillehammer; visits to one of the country's largest churches in Roros and ...

News Norway » Ostfold: Should Albin the white moose die? Norway torn

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Publication date: uesday 17 October 2006

Locals living in Ostfold province want the white moose to remain off-limits during hunting season, which opened earlier this month. They've nicknamed it Albinand printed T-shirts and bumper stickers featuring the animal. However, some local hunters and ...

News Norway » Ostfold: Running Forecast

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Publication date: Saturday 02 October 2010

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